These are the sizes I offer! 
Hope this helps🫶🏼 

1” Generally bought for toddlers or children’s hair! 

1.5” I love these for half up half down’s! My hair is medium to long and these work amazing! Also can be used for kids too! 

2” Small great for buns, or half up half downs for long hair!

3.5” Medium Great for holding all your hair up! Can be used medium to long hair! 

4” Large, great for business days, can hold all your hair up for long hair!


5” X-Large! Great for extra long+thick hair! if you’re a girlie who can NEVER find a clip, take the chance, this one WILL WORK! 

Please don’t hesitate to message me! 
Also, on most of my product photos you can look at the model’s hair!